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Sydney Opera House

About Us

We believe contemporary architecture should capture the culture and spirit of our land.

Established in 2001, we believe that homes should provide a refuge from the outside world, and that workplaces should have the ability to inspire.

We make buildings that are sustainable, with durable materials. Because of this, they are highly valued by the community, and serve with integrity for generations.

We create homes that reflect and celebrate your personalities while nurturing you and your families.

We believe contemporary Australian residential design should be sophisticated and relaxed. It should respect its climate, sheltering from the sun in summer and from the cold in winter.

When you first encounter our homes, you will be struck by their impact in the streetscape. Once inside, we respect the importance of creating both a public personality – formal living rooms and studies leading off entrances – and a private sanctuary within.

We understand that architecture sits within a landscape that creates a sense of place, so we design urban solutions for urban environments.

The building Indigo Slam

We embrace the wilderness when building in the country. We also believe that landscape, environment and interiors are absolutely one and must be considered as one.

This holistic approach means that when you view ADA buildings from afar or walk within their gardens you feel uplifted. When you enter them, you experience a luxurious sense of space and light which is the architecture expressing itself.

When you relax in one of our living spaces, among your artwork and furnishings, and view the landscape beyond, you truly understand what we set out to achieve when we craft a home for you.

Our awards